Monday, April 28, 2014

Evaluating the Accuracy of the Characters: Chiron

IWBAT evaluate whether Rick Riordan accurately represents Chiron in The Lightning Thief.

Percy and Chiron
1. Homework Check (5 minutes)review answers to "The Legend of Perseus"
  • view accompanying text here

2. Summarize Chapters 3-4 of The Lightning Thief (5 minutes)
  • Percy travels home to New York City after school ends at Yancy Academy
  • Percy's mother lives with Smelly Gabe, who is awful
  • He and his mother travel to Montauk, a beach town on Long Island in New York
  • Grover unexpectedly shows up at the cabin door, appearing as a half-man/half-goat, or satyr
  • Grover tells them that Percy is in danger, so they get in the car and leave as fast as possible, as they are running from an unknown monster
  • During the hurricane, their car is struck by lightning and lands in a ditch
  • The monster, a minotaur (half-man/half-bull), charges towards them and vaporizes Percy's mom
  • Angry, Percy manages to pull of one of the minotaur's horns and stab the horn into its ribcage
  • Percy gathers Grover and struggles to make it to a farmhouse down the hill
  • He is delirious but remembers seeing Mr. Brunner and a girl talking about him (saying, "He's the one"), just before passing out

3. Read The Lightning Thief (30 minutes): Chapter 5: "I play pinochle with a horse" -- pp. 57-74
(audiobook: Part 2, 19:27 to 48:06)

4. (10 minutes): complete the lesson that is due today, April 28th

5. Evaluate the Accuracy of the Myths in The Lightning Thief (5 minutes)
  • review aim: IWBAT evaluate whether Rick Riordan accurately represents Chiron in The Lightning Thief.
  • watch video:

6. Compare and Contrast Chiron from The Lightning Thief and Greek Mythology (30 minutes): click here to access the classwork
7. Close-Out (5 minutes):
  • Submit classwork.
  • Collect books and headphones.
  • Clean up workspace.
  • Complete agenda: "The Legend of Perseus - Part 2"
  • Pass out and explain homework.
  • Assign yourself silently.

Today's Homework: "The Legend of Perseus - Part 2"
  • view accompanying text here

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