Monday, April 7, 2014

THG Advertisement Project Presentations - Part I

IWBAT present my Hunger Games advertisement project to my teammates,
and IWBAT evaluate my teammates' presentations for its (1) effectiveness as an advertisement, (2) creativity, (3) inclusion of accurate details from the text, (4) clarity, and (5) professionalism.

1. Do Now: -- start the activity due tomorrow (4/8/14)

2. Recap the events of The Hunger Games:
Peeta is badly injured and suffering from blood poisoning.
Katniss goes to the feast to get Peeta medicine.

Clove attacks Katniss and nearly kills her.
Fortunately, Thresh saves Katniss and lets her go.

3. Read The Hunger Games: Chapter 22 -- pp. 286-298 (audiobook part 2 -- 3:08:42 to 3:32:22)

4. Student-Directed Discussion: Does Peeta truly love Katniss?
  • we actively listen to our teammates (use body language, seek to understand)
  • we build on each other's comments (not just state our own opinions)
  • we monitor our own air time (step up, step back)
  • we direct the discussion, without the teacher (no raising hands)
  • we help teammates enter the conversation (I'd love to hear from ____)

5. The Hunger Games Project Presentations: rate your teammates' presentations

Homework: Debate: No Toys in Kids' Meals? (TFK)
+ by Friday, type your education essay on Google Drive (or make sure it's finished)!

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NERD Anthem!

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