Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Preparing for MAP Testing

AimIWBAT state my MAP reading goal and explain how I will meet my goal.

1. Read The Lightning Thief:
  • Chapter 21: "I settle my tab" -- pp. 334-353
  • audiobook: Part 8 -- 1:00:08 to 1:07:59 AND Part 9 -- 0:00 to 27:23 (about 35 minutes)

2. complete lessons due this week, from May 27th through May 30th

3. Learn about MAP Testing:
  • computerized: different than paper, easy to rush
  • adaptive: gets harder or easier when you answer correctly/incorrectly
  • taken 4 times per year: assesses progress
  • normative-based: compares students from different schools across the country
    • you will not have practiced every question/concept/skill
    • not standards-based (like the CST), which measures specific knowledge & skills
  • tips for success:
    • read every passage
    • reread (parts of) the passage when answering questions
    • use process of elimination
    • believe in yourself! (don't give up when the test gets hard)
  • about 42 questions, most with passages: read and reread carefully!
  • about 2 hours to test: usually the more careful you work, the better score you get
  • grade in ELA: 
    • A: exceeded goal
    • B: met goal
    • C: made some progess towards goal
    • D: no progress
    • F: made backwards progress
  • rewards: there are some excellent rewards, but what is most important is the eternal glory and personal satisfaction of proving amazing growth in your reading ability

4. Set Individual MAP Goal

Homework: Reading MAP Tracker (backside only)

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