Friday, January 25, 2013

China's One-Child Policy (continued)

1. IWBAT ensure that verbs agree with their subjects in number.
2. IWBAT explain why China's one-child policy was enacted and evaluate whether it was effective.
3. IWBAT identify positive and negative effects of China's one-child policy.
propaganda supporting the one-child policy in China

1. Do Now: Review for the quiz on subject/verb agreement.
  • Remember, a subject and a verb must agree in number. 
    • A singular subject (just one) requires a singular verb.
      • incorrect: A cat show judge hold a squirming kitten.
      • correct: A cat show judge holds a squirming kitten.
    • A plural subject (includes more than one) requires a plural verb.
      • incorrect: The girls holds ribbons in their hands.
      • correct: The girls hold ribbons in their hands.
  • Mr. T's tip: Normally in the present tense, either the subject OR the verb will have an "s" at the end of the word--NOT both.

2. Complete Quiz #20: Subject/Verb Agreement #1 on Socrative (room number: kba).

3. Read an article and continue watching videos (only if there is time!) about the one-child policy.
  • Article: "One-Child Policy--Success or Failure"
  • Video #1: "One-Child Policy: China"
  • Video #2: "China's one-child policy creates massive gender imbalance"

4. Complete classwork to: (1) describe the one-child policy, (2) evaluate whether it was effective in reducing population growth, and (3) identify both positive and negative effects.

5. Review your Quarter 2 ELA benchmark assessment results. If you need to view a copy of the test, you can click here. Your homework is to make corrections on any of the 15 problems that you missed. If you missed fewer than 15, you only have to correct those problems that you did miss.

If you finish early:
  • Explore TeenBiz3000. For helpful tips, click here.
  • Read silently.

Homework: Quarter 2 Benchmark Corrections

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