Thursday, January 31, 2013

Introduction and Conclusion

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IWBAT draft the introduction and conclusion of my memo to Deng Xiaoping to advise whether to implement the one-child policy in China.

In college, your essays or "papers" will often have length requirements,
and some students try to stretch a shorter essay into something longer.

1. Open your One-Child Policy Memo in the Writing Portfolio of your Google Drive.

2. Write the introduction paragraph of your memo (before the three body paragraphs). Remember that the purpose of the introduction is to hook the reader's attention, give necessary background information, and state the purpose of the writing. Here are some guidelines for your introduction:

  • Describe the main problem in China: overpopulation (and why is this such a problem?)
  • State purpose of writing: to advise whether to implement the one-child policy as a solution to this problem (the thesis or main argument)
  • Use a formal, professional tone (he is your boss)
  • Remember, you are persuading! Convince Deng Xiaoping to listen to you!
  • Write four or more sentences

3. Write the conclusion paragraph of your memo (after your three body paragraphs). Remember, the purpose of the conclusion is to summarize your ideas and leave the reader with something to remember. Her are some guidelines for your conclusion:

  • Restate your thesis: to implement or to not implement the one-child policy
  • Summarize your three key points
  • Leave the reader with something to remember
  • Write three or more sentences

4. If you finish early: complete today's activity on TeenBiz3000.

Homework: Finish your rough draft on Google Drive (due Friday morning)

Other Documents: Rough Draft (due Friday), Final Draft (due Monday)

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