Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Laogai - Part 1

1. IWBAT ensure that verbs with subjects that include prepositional phrases.
2. IWBAT confirm or reject my prediction of what China's reeducation centers are.

1. Do Now: Subject/Verb Agreement with Compound Subjects and Prepositional Phrases

  • Review (just read) how to ensure verbs agree with their subjects:
    • A subject has to agree with its verb in number
      • Single subjects are followed by singular verbs
        • Normally, verbs that end in "s" are singular
        • If the subject does not end in "s," the verb ends in "s"
      • Plural subjects are followed by plural verbs
        • Normally, subjects that end in "s" are plural.
        • If the subject ends in "s," the verb does not end in "s"
    • When there is a prepositional phrase in the subject of a sentence, cross out or ignore the prepositional phrase when checking for subject/verb agreement
      • example: The strawberries in the field look ripe.
        • The prepositional phrase is "in the field"
        • The simple subject is strawberries. It ends in an "s," so it is plural.
        • The verb look must not end in "s" to agree with the plural subject.
  • Complete an activity to test your subject/verb agreement skills: Click Here
  • Play Treasure Hunt to continue practicing your subject/verb agreement skills: Click Here
    • Select an appropriate level (1 is the easiest, 3 is the most challenging). If you finish a round and have more time, complete a more challenging level.

2. Quiz #20: Subject/Verb Agreement #1 on Socrative (room number: kba).
  • When you finish, you may continue with the activities in Task #1 (Do Now) or complete today's article/activity on TeenBiz3000.

3. Connecting to the Text: China's Reeducation Centers: Complete the form below.

4. On Google Moderator, explain what you think a reeducation center is: Click Here.

5. Watch a video about reeducation centers in China. While you watch, think about whether or not your prediction of what a reeducation center is validated or not, and be prepared to explain what a reeducation center is.

6. Complete an exit ticket on Socrative (room number kba).
  • Explain what you learned today: What is a reeducation center?
  • Answer the question on the board: Why would the government send people who "speak the truth" to reeducation centers? (Hint: Think about the woman's son-in-law, Ling, or what you learned from watching the video today.)

Homework: Chu Ju's House analysis

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