Monday, February 4, 2013

Subject/Verb Agreement with Prepositions

1. IWBAT identify prepositions and prepositional phrases in writing.
2. IWBAT ensure that verbs agree with subjects including prepositional phrases.

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1. Do Now: Review the definition of prepositions and prepositional phrases:

A prepositional phrase describes part of your sentence in greater detail, usually by telling you information about where, when, or how.
  • Every prepositional phrase starts with a preposition. A preposition is a word that connects nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence.
  • The object of the preposition completes the description. It is the word that follows the preposition, and it always is or includes a noun.

2. Do Now (continued):  Review prepositions by playing these games (choose your own):

3. Sporcle Group Challenge: Your table group will compete against the other groups by identifying as many prepositions as you can in just 3 minutes. When Mr. instructs you, click here to go to Sporcle.

4. Subject/Verb Agreement: Watch a BrainPop! video about subject/verb agreement. While you watch the video, complete the cloze notes with the words you see and hear.
  • Mr. T will show you this video. Please don't open it at school. (it slows the Internet down.)
  • If you are watching the video from home, you can use the username palmbeach and password palmbeach to access BrainPop.

5. Subject/Verb Agreement with Prepositions: Read this important note about subject/verb agreement, and then practice with Mr. T on your classwork paper.
When there is a prepositional phrase in the subject of a sentence, cross out or ignore the prepositional phrase when checking for subject/verb agreement.

6. Practice! Practice your ability to align verbs with subjects that include prepositions on Socrative (log into room number: kba).

7. Check Your Understanding! Now, test yourself by completing another activity on Socrative.

8. If you finish early:
  • get more help on today's lesson here
  • play any of the review games listed in Task #2
  • complete today's article/activity on TeenBiz3000

Homework: Subject/Verb Agreement

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