Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laogai - Part 2

IWBAT hypothesize why the Chinese government punishes people for "speaking the truth."

1. Do Now: Subject/Verb Agreement with Prepositional Phrases (complete a paper copy)

2. Read a New York Times article that explains why two elderly women in China were sent to reeducation camps: Click Here

3. Complete the first new page of the classwork form below:

4. Continue watching a video about reeducation centers in China. Then, continue questions in your classwork form (above) regarding what you learned in the video.

5. Exit Slip: Complete the last page of your classwork form (located in Task #3 above) as your exit slip. Please be sure to answer thoroughly, by echoing the words of the questions and backing up your answers with evidence. (This will be graded.)

If you finish early:
  • Read more information about the laogai: Click Here
  • Practice the skill of the week (subject/verb agreement with prepositions): 
  • If you have your own headphones, watch a video that explains more about the laogai (and gives a virtual tour of the Laogai Museum in Washington, D.C.): Click Here
  • Complete today's article/activity on TeenBiz3000: Click Here

Homework: "One Thing I Don't Need" (Black History Month poetry analysis)

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