Thursday, March 7, 2013

Outlines and Sequencing - Part 2

1. IWBAT clarify my understanding of texts by creating outlines.
2. IWBAT revise writing, in order to improve the sequence of sentences and paragraphs.

the sequence of a long-eared bat's flight
(by Warren Photography)
1. Do Now: Outlining "Bats on the Brink":
  • Read "Bats on the Brink," the cover story of Time for Kids (pages 4-5).
  • Create an outline for the article.
    • Open Google Drive.
    • Click Create. Select Document.
    • Title the document: My Outline for "Bats on the Brink"
      • Click Untitled Document in the upper right corner.
      • Type in the title.
      • Click OK.
    • Click the numbered list icon to start your outline.
    • Type the names of the sections.
      • There are three sections, so you should have #1, #2, and #3.
    • Under each section, write one key point (or main idea) per paragraph.
      • Use the Tab key to move to the right. -->
      • Hold Shift and press Tab to move to the left.  <--
    • When you are finished, your outline will be saved automatically.
  • This will be challenging, but you can do it! Show your GRIT! 

2. Homework Check: Review and revise the outlines you created for yesterday's homework.

3. Outlines: Rewatch the BrainPop video about outlines. If there is time, we will take the review quiz together using Socrative (room number: kba).

4. Sequencing: Sequencing is putting things in order. Today, we will continue practicing how to sequence sentences and paragraphs and revise for proper sequence: Click Here.

If you finish early:

Homework: Sequence the Story

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