Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nazi Propaganda

Aim: IWBAT analyze a Nazi pamphlet about race, in order to explain how the Nazis spread their antisemitic beliefs to the German people.

1. Do Now: Compound Sentences (reference #15 in binder)

2. Homework Check: Pogroms

3. Read Maus II: Chapter 1

4. Define Propaganda:
Propaganda is information used to change the way other people think or act.

Before and during the Holocaust, the Nazis used propaganda as a way to spread their beliefs and ideas to Germans: the Nazi party will restore prosperity and honor to Germany, Adolf Hitler is the best leader, all Jews are evil, Jews have caused most of Germany's problems, and Jews should not  be treated as equal citizens.

5. Read/Analyze Nazi Brochure on Race, an example of Nazi propaganda
  • Facts: unarguably true information
  • Fallacious Reasoning: informational presented as true/factual that is actually misleading, uses faulty (wrong) logic, or is simply untrue

6. Exit Slip: Summarize Your Learning

Here is another excellent examples of Nazi propaganda, in the form of a children's book called The Poisonous Mushroom :

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