Monday, January 13, 2014

Evaluating China's One-Child Policy

1. IWBAT explain why China's one-child policy was enacted and evaluate whether it was effective.
2. IWBAT identify positive and negative effects of China's one-child policy.

propaganda supporting China's one-child policy

1. Do Now: identifying sentence structures -- complete last activity on Reference #17
  • Mild: Review sentence types:
    • simple sentences have one independent clause
    • compound sentences have two independent clauses joined by a comma and coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS) or a semicolon
    • complex sentences have an independent clause joined to a dependent clause (and the dependent clause always begins with a subordinating conjunction, or WANNABE)
  • Mild: Review or learn more about the sentence types (and see examples):
  • Medium: Try a practice quiz <-- RECOMMENDED PRACTICE
  • Medium: Play sentence sort (please mute your Chromebook!)
  • Spicy! Complete additional practice activities
  • Spicy! Play sentence jeopardy

2. Homework Check: Coolest Inventions of 2013 (TFK)

3. Read About the One-Child Policy on BBC's "China's One-Child Policy -- Success or Failure?

4. Learn More About the One-Child Policy:

5. Complete Classwork to: (1) describe the one-child policy, (2) evaluate whether it was effective in reducing population growth, and (3) identify both positive and negative effects.

6. Read Chu Ju's House: Chapter 2 (pp. 19-39)

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