Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prewriting One-Child Policy Memo

As chief economic adviser for Deng Xiaoping in 1978, IWBAT draft a memo to the leader of the Chinese Communist party, in order to advise him whether we should or should not implement the one-child policy in China.

Why does Mr. T think is cartoon is funny? 
How does this relate to the one-child policy in China?
Hint: Notice who is on the shoulders of whom.
If you think you know, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

1. Do Now: identifying sentence structures

2. Homework Check: Independent and Dependent Clauses #2

3. Prewriting: Complete the prewriting graphic organizer. For this, you will brainstorm what the main problem China is facing in 1978, what is a potential solution (the one-child policy), and what are 3-5 positive and 3-5 negative results/consequences of this potential solution.

4. Writing Project Prompt: Read the description of your assignment and FART it out. That is, you will assign the Format, Audience, Role, and Topic.

5. Planning Ideas: Write your thesis (your main argument: whether Deng Xiaoping should or should not implement the one-child policy) and select your three main reasons or key points from your prewriting graphic organizer. Then, give one example (fact or detail) to support each of your key points.

6. Begin Drafting: Open this "One-Child Policy Memo" document. Make a copy by selecting Make a Copy from the File menu. You can view the requirements of each paragraph in the comment linked to each paragraph. When you are ready to draft, delete the paragraph headers and get to work!
  • If you wish, you may use these graphic organizers to help you organize your thoughts before or while you draft your paragraphs.
  • Regarding the introduction:
    • Remember that the purpose of the introduction is to hook the reader's attention, give necessary background information, and state the purpose of the writing. Here are some guidelines for your introduction:
      • Describe the main problem in China: overpopulation (and why is this such a problem?)
      • State purpose of writing: to advise whether to implement the one-child policy as a solution to this problem (the thesis or main argument)
      • Use a formal, professional tone (he is your boss)
      • Remember, you are persuading! Convince Deng Xiaoping to listen to you!
      • Write four or more sentences

7. Read Chu Ju's House: Chapter 3 (pp. 41-64)

Homework: Finish Introduction Paragraph + Sentence Review

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