Friday, January 10, 2014

Introduction to Chu Ju's House

1. IWBAT demonstrate mastery of identifying independent and dependent clauses in sentences.
2. IWBAT describe China's solution to its overpopulation problem, the one-child policy.
3. IWBAT make predictions about what will happen in Chu Ju's House.

1. Do Now: review for quiz
  • Review these terms:
    • independent clause: a complete thought (could be its own sentence); has subject and predicate
    • dependent clause: an incomplete thought (could NOT be its own sentence); has subject and predicate; always begins with and includes a subordinating conjunction (WANNABE)
    • phrase: not a clause because it doesn't have BOTH a subject AND a predicate; usually a preposition and an object
    • complex sentence: formed by joining a dependent clause to an independent clause
  • Practice activities:

2. Quiz #11: Clauses & Complex Sentences on ExitTicket
  • Finished Early? Read silently, or continue completing practice activities in Task #1.

3. Homework checkA Panda for a Pet?

4. Finish one-child policy video:

5. Introduction to Chu Ju's House

6. Read Chapter 1 of Chu Ju's House: pp. 1-18

7. Exit Slip:

Homework: Best Inventions of 2014 (TFK)

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