Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Context Clues

1. IWBAT align verbs with compound subjects.
2. IWBAT visualize the setting and characters in The Hunger Games.
3. IWBAT support my claims with evidence, in a small group discussion.

1. Do Now: Prepare for your quiz on subject/verb agreement with compound subjects!
  • Finished Early? On this site, review the rules and try out Applications 11 / 12 / 13 to practice your subject/verb agreement (with compound subjects) skills.

2. Quiz 18 Retake: Socrative (room number: kba)

3. Homework Check: The Hunger Games Chapter 1

4. Context Clues:
  • Context clues are words or phrases around an unknown word that can help a reader determine what an unknown word means. While the dictionary can be helpful, sometimes we don’t need the dictionary; we can figure it out all on our own.
  • There are four types of context clues:
    • definition clues: when a word’s or phrase’s meaning is explained immediately after the word or phrase is used
      • We entered the living room and sat down on the davenport, or large sofa.
        • davenport means large sofa
      • I tried a piece of cake and thought it was bland, or tasteless.
        • bland means tasteless
    • synonym (restatement) clues: when a word or phrase can be replaced by a word or phrase that we already know
      • In order to make the itching stop, I squeezed some of the liniment out of the bottle and rubbed it on the rash.
        • liniment means ointment / liquid or lotion (as medicine)
      • The heist was a failure for the burglars because they were caught as they tried to escape.  
        • heist means robbery / theft
    • antonym (contrast) clues: when a word or phrase is later contrasted to something that is the opposite of what our unknown word means
      • The youngest boy was very reticent, but his older brother was quite outgoing.
        • reticent means shy
      • I am very meticulous, but she is rather reckless.
        • meticulous means careful and precise
    • examples (inference) clues: when an unknown word’s or phrase’s meaning can be narrowed down based on other words or phrases in the sentences around the word
      • The criminal was arrested and sent to the penitentiary for four years. While there, he could only leave his cell for a few minutes each day.
        • penitentiary means prison
      • That man’s calligraphy is quite horrible. I can barely read a word he writes; it looks like a child scribbled everywhere.
        • calligraphy means decorative handwriting

6. Read Chapter 2: pp. 22-34 (0:35:02-0:59:12)

Homework: Context Clues

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