Thursday, March 20, 2014

Transitions - Part 4

IWBAT use transition words and phrases, in order to help writing flow more smoothly from one idea to another.

1. Do Now: Complete the following self-directed practice exercises to review transition words and phrases. You should move on to the next activity when you feel ready. Please use your time effectively to practice and prepare for your quiz tomorrow. You may complete the activities in any order.
  • A: Take a transition words practice test: Click Here
  • B: Take another transitions practice test: Click Here
  • C: Take another transitions practice test: Click Here
  • D: Practice sequencing and adding transitions: Click Here
  • E: Practice your paragraph unity and coherence skills: Mild / Medium / Spicy!
  • F: Complete cause and effect transitions practice exercises: Click Here
  • G: Read through this slideshow presentation on transitions: Click Here
  • H: If you need more help, view a different reference sheet: Click Here 

2. Homework CheckTransitions Practice

3. Transitioning to The Hunger Games: While listening to The Katniss Chronicles, create two or three scenes, in which you illustrate what is happening and describe it with writing. Each scene's description must include the transition words/phrases we have been practicing in class.

4. Transitions Practice: On Socrative, you will practice selecting the best transition, adding transitions, and writing with transitions.

5. Read The Hunger Games: Chapter 18 -- pp. 230-241 (audiobook part 2 -- 1:24:02 to 1:46:25)

6. Why the Flowers? After a brief group discussion, you will write a paragraph in which you analyze why Katniss reacts to Rue's death by placing flowers around her and holding a makeshift funeral. In your paragraph response, you must cite textual evidence and include appropriate transitions.

7. If time allows: Transitions Relay Writing: Your table group will compete against the other groups in a relay writing contest. Here s how it will work:
  • Your group will share one piece of paper.
  • The first student will write a sentence about an assigned topic.
    • The other tables will assign your group a silly topic.
  • Then, the next student in line must add a transition word or phrase and a sentence that fits with the transition and the story line.
  • The third student will then add another transition and another sentence that flows with the story, and so on.
  • Teams will continue writing in this fashion, one after another, until time is called.
  • Teams will be judged on (1) proper use of transitions; (2) speed/number of sentences written in sequence, one team member at a time; and (3) creativity.
    • Remember, the story must flow from one sentence to the next, and use of transitions is required in every sentence (except the first).

If you finish early, continue practicing with the activities from the do now (Task #1).

REMEMBER: Your weekly skills quiz is tomorrow! (topics: precise language, transitions)

Homework: My Letter to Mr. T
  • KIPP Bayview Academy is located at 1060 Key Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
  • Your letter should be about a change you would like to make at school.

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